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You need it to work, I can help. Value for money service from a qualified, experienced, family business.

For your peace of mind you can have confidence in the fact I have been trading locally for over 16 years from the same premises under the same name.  When you ring a mobile number out of the back of the newspaper do you know who you are letting in your door?

Upgrades, Repairs and Virus removal undertaken in my workshop: just bring in your Laptop or Computer. Please ring me first to book them in, I will take the details and may be able to give you an estimate.

Standard Charge is £50 plus VAT and many repairs cost only that. If its more than that I will tell you before proceeding further. I am not like the Big Stores who will charge you a non refundable £50 in advance just to look at and then demand a lot more to fix it.

If you need a Home Visit they are undertaken by me. Call out is £50 plus VAT and in Kings Lynn this covers the first hour too! A single computer or laptop or I can network them all together. Wireless and broadband are not a problem.