About Us

Who I am

Nick is a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Mangement (MinstLM) and holds an Open University Diploma in Computing. (Dip.Comp(open)) and has run this family business since 2001 along with his wife Anna.

Qualifications and Experience

I started working on stand alone computers before there even was a World Wide Web!

I hold a Diploma in Computing from the Open University, City and Guilds in Electronic Servicing and have been “in Computing” since 1980!

In 1980 I began programming in BASIC on a Commodore Business Machine (two floppy drives and a green screen) and moved on to the Apple ][e. In the early 90’s my hobby became a serious career change and I took both C & G and Open University courses gaining distinction in City & Guilds and a Diploma with the Open University. In 2000 I began working full time in computing and in 2001 opened this company.

I moved on from the old massive Personal Computers to more modern desktops and laptops and using dial up modems in the 90's and then moved on again in the 00's to installing Servers, Clients, Network Storage, local and Wide area networks and WiFi.

Within a short time of starting my own business I was handling the IT for a local company with a fleet of trucks and a network of computers and servers which I built by hand. I am proud to say I supported this company through going state of the art with virtual servers, cloud backup and real time on screen locations for their fleet right up until they retired.

Shortly after that I took on a national PLC with a dozen offices across the country: from Plymouth to Edinburgh and Cardiff to London. A national network of Servers using VPN tunnels to create a Wide Area Network.

I continue to learn and expand my knowledge and remain happy to help anyone from a single home user to a corporate network. 

Through my contacts with other businesses I have been involved, hands on, in the installation of General Aviation Electronics (Avionics) and Alarms/CCTV/Door Access Controls and can therefore supply these services to my customers as well.